SOHO* Organizing

Your business* is an important part of your life and when you are a small business owner or a solopreneur, it's all up to you! Whether you are a mom with a home-based business or a contractor with one or two employees, your organizational needs are the same. To succeed at achieving your business goals* while single-handedly being responsible for the marketing, the customer service, the service delivery, and the business' administrative work; you can't afford* to be in chaos!

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  • Desk area
  • File system
  • Office space
  • Storage closets
  • Stock rooms

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  • Schedule management
  • Task management
  • Paper management
  • Daily workflow
  • Processes/Procedures
  • Custom form designs

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  • QuickBooks® setup
  • QuickBooks® training
  • Tracking cash-flow
  • Tax time prep

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