Household Management

Managing a household (for yourself, a family, or living with roommates), is much like managing a business! There are tasks and calls and deadlines. There is mail and paperwork and storage of documents. There is money to keep track of and tax returns to prepare for. And, just like a business, your home needs a daily work flow plan with practices and procedures set in place.

When the management* of your home is in chaos, your life and mind is caught in a state of confusion. Without a plan and a system, you are forced to juggle everything all at once, all the time, and keep it all strait in your head. That’s called stress!

The process

We will create a simple, easy to follow system* customized just for you and your needs. We will look at what has been working and what needs to change in order for you to be in control of your responsibilities, have increased productivity, and ultimately have a mind that is free to relax and be creative.

The result

You will know what needs to be done when, without having to remember everything in your head. You will have a system that you can trust*, so things don’t fall through the cracks or get missed. You will know how to retrieve important documents when you need them and the best place to return them when you are done. Mail and papers will not have to pile up around you in random places, because they will have their own place with a specific purpose.

And you will have a plan for maintaining the system, so that it will serve you rather than be a burden to you.

Ready to reduce the stress?!

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