Living Spaces

Where do you spend most of your time when you are home? Do you enjoy the space you live in? Are there places in your home that you would enjoy spending time in if the chaos was removed? Do you relate to any of the following scenarios?

If your favorite pastime* is cooking or baking, but you never do it anymore because there is so much mail and papers and odds ends piled on the counters that it isn't worth the effort to clear a spot, then chaos is undoing your life.

If you would like to come home and unwind* in front of the TV, but you can't get to your favorite chair because of the clutter strewn across the floor, then chaos is undoing your life.

If your hobby* is crafting, but you haven't touched your supplies in months or even years, because you don't have any idea what supplies you have or where they are stashed, then chaos is undoing your life.

If you would love to entertain* and have friends over once in awhile, but you are too embarrassed to let them see the clutter you live in, then chaos is undoing your life.

The process

We will come up with a plan for addressing each area of your home that needs attention. We will break it down in to small steps, to execute one at a time, in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the bigger picture. Working together we will start with decluttering, determining what you use, what you need, and what you really love so that you can be inspired by your surroundings. Then we will customize the placement and storage of your belongings to reflect your unique needs and style.

The result

You will begin to experience the freedom that comes from living in uncluttered spaces, and you will have places to enjoy the things you love to do... by yourself, with family, and with your friends.

You will also have a plan for maintaining your new space(s) so that you can continue to enjoy your new found freedom in the weeks and months to come.

Are you ready?

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