Space Management

Your efficiency and productivity* increase when you work in a space that is organized and designed* specifically for you and your needs. The things you use most often can be close at hand. The top of your desk can be a clear and open space on which to work rather than a landing place for stacks and stacks of homeless paper, mail, and forgotten notes. A simple filing system that you trust, can make finding information fast and easy. You can know exactly what supplies you have on hand and what you need to order.

The process

If you do not already have an office space set up, we may first need to decide on a location that best suits your needs. It may be a whole room, a converted closet, or just a desk in part of your living space. Once a location is determined, there may need to be a decluttering process, removing items that are out of date, no longer needed, or unrelated to the purpose* of the space. Then storage and filing systems, that match your work style, can be set up. We will help you with the process, deciding where to start and what smaller steps to take to reach your final goal of an efficient and pleasant work space.

The result

You will enjoy spending time in this place designed just for you. Clutter will not add stress to your work day. You will save time not having to search through stacks or trying to remember where you put an important document or contact information for a client. Everything you need will be right at hand.

And we will set up a system that will help you to maintain and continue to benefit from a space designed just for you!

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