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If you are like most people, you have boxes or drawers full of photos from the past and you have a phone or computer full of digital photos that have never been downloaded for sharing with others. Or maybe you have kids who post photos on Facebook, but you never get to capture them for future use. And even if you had all your photos organized, you don't feel like you have the time or the talent to scrapbook them the way some of your friends are doing. We can help. We will show and teach you simple systems for sorting, storing, and sharing of all those memories.

The Process

We will show you how to sort through your photos to determine which can be used to tell a story, which just need to be stored, and which can be thrown away or deleted. Once you learn our simple ABC'S system, you can sort all the photos yourself or we can sit beside you and help you through the sorting and decision making process.

We will determine what is the best storage method for your collection whether it is for printed photos or digital.

And finally, we will choose the best way for you to share your stories with others. Maybe you want to scrapbook. Maybe you would prefer to share them digitally. Or maybe you would like to learn how to use one of the easy, online tools for making actual hardcover books that you can give away as gifts. See our 5-Step process here.

The Result

You will be able to enjoy and share the memories and stories that you took the time to photograph. Photos won't be lost in drawers and digital photos will be easy to find. When you decide to make an album to share as a gift or when someone is putting together a slide show for a special event and wants to know if you have photos to include, you won't have to scramble through stacks and files, because all of your photos will be sorted and stored and ready to use whenever you need them.

And the system we set up will serve you going forward as you continue to take photos in the future.

Let's get sorting!

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