How We Do It

Since order is one of the values of Chaos Undone, services are organized in a 5-Step Process*:


Phone Consultation

We begin with a complimentary phone consultation*. This is a time for you to let us know what prompted your call and what area(s) you are looking to organize. We will gather your contact information and schedule your complimentary on-site Assessment.


On-site Assessment

This step is a complimentary, one hour assessment*. We will meet with you on-site and ask you lots of questions. We want to determine what is working, what your vision is, and what the specific problems are that are causing the chaos in your life. We will also discuss your time limits for working on your project(s), your budget, and how you would like to proceed.


Plan of Action

Using the information gathered during the Assessment, we will create a customized Plan of Action* for your unique situation. This plan will outline the steps we need to take in order to implement the solutions for achieving your goals. You will be presented with a Service Agreement containing a summary of the above information as well as our Performance Guarantee.


Hands-on* Organizing

Now the fun begins! This step in the process may take one session or many. Sessions are typically scheduled in 3-4 hour increments at your convenience which can include evenings or weekends. During this time, working along side you will help us to better understand your current processes and preferences in order to truly customize systems and solutions to fit your personality and lifestyle.



Staying organized is just as important as getting organized. Upon completion, we will provide you with a written Maintenance* Plan for your reference since it can be difficult to absorb all the new information all at once. Sometimes the new systems and solutions need to be tweaked as you settle into them, in order to make them a perfect fit. Because of this, we offer ongoing email and phone support to help keep you chaos-free!

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