Storage spaces

There are lots of different storage* spaces in your home that range from small (like a drawer) to large (like a garage or basement). But the principles are still the same... there is a defined amount of space*, the items being stored need to fit within those boundaries, and all the contents need to have a specific purpose and place to "live" within that space. Most of the time, just repositioning the contents of the space in a more logical and efficient* manner, can open up 20% more useable room. And by making decisions about what you use and what you need, that new, open space may be even greater.

The process

We will help you determine where to start and will break the project down into smaller, manageable steps. You will not have to be overwhelmed by looking at the whole big picture all at once. And you will be able to see the progress you make as we work side by side to purge and rearrange the contents of the space.

The result

You will begin to feel in control when you know what you have and where it is. You will save time not having to search for things and you will save money not having to repurchase misplaces items. Everything will have a "home" so it doesn't have to be out causing clutter and you will know where to put things when you are finished with them.

And we will put in place a system that will help you to maintain and continue to benefit from the undoing of the chaos!

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