Time Management

What you do with your time involves schedules* and tasks* and a constant flow of incoming communication* that needs to be processed.

Time management is not about getting more things done in less time, but about getting the most important things done, the things that are most important to YOU, that will help you reach your own personal goals. That involves more than just keeping a To-Do list. If you do not know how long a task will take or when you plan to do it, you are not actually "managing" your time.

And whether you are digital and online or you have chosen to stick with pen & paper, a system for managing all the mail and other incoming information will reduce the time it takes you to process that information and get it out of your way.

The Process

We will evaluate your work load and learn to estimate the time it takes to do your tasks. We will choose a planner that works for you and your style and create a system that you trust. After determining your big picture goals, we will create a "time map" that allows you to accomplish the things that matter most to you. And we will also take a look at the things that nibble away at your time and get you off track.

The result

Once you have a time management system customized specifically for you, you won't just be getting things done for the sake of getting them done. You will have a sense of more time on your hands and you will feel more "present" in whatever you are doing. You will have a higher degree of control over your day and week, and you will find it easier to say no to low-value things you would previously get caught up in.

And you will be able to maintain your new system because you will have a plan to guide you through your day and week as well as point you back in the right direction if you get off track.

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