Photos are for seeing*!

Whether you take photos to remember* or to share* the fun and special moments in your life, if they are not accessible, no one will ever see them.

Most of us still have printed photos tucked away in envelopes or stored in various boxes.  Maybe yours made it into a scrapbook, but there is only one copy which is susceptible to damage.

Then there are the hundreds of digital photos that are stored in an archaic format that can no longer be accessed with your current computer.

Now that our smart phones allow us to carry a camera with us at all times, photos taken may only be viewed within a few minutes or days of the occasion and then forgotten once added to a huge, rented cloud storage with no story* included in the meta-data*.

*In Other Words…

seeing: (verb) – perceiving with the eyes; discerning visually

remember: (verb) – to cause (something from the past) to come back into your mind

share: (verb) – to enjoy (something) jointly with another or others

story: (noun) – an account of past events in someone’s life or in the evolution of something

meta-data: (noun) – a set of data that describes and gives information about other data



I have found FOREVER Storage® to be the best option for collecting*, curating*, and celebrating* all my photos, special documents, videos and memories!

Collect with…

  • Mobile-sync
  • Desktop uploader
  • Web uploader
  • Media conversion

Curate with…

  • Inbox & Editing
  • Tags & Dates
  • Albums
  • Stories

Celebrate with…

  • Sharing
  • Printing
  • Design projects
  • Digital art

Best of all, your memories are…


  • Buy once, store for generations.
  • Own it for your lifetime and pass it on to future generations.
  • Content will be migrated to the current day format at no additional fee.
  • Memories are covered by the FOREVER Guarantee*.


  • You control who sees your photos.
  • No renting or giving up your ownership rights to your content.
  • No data mining or advertising.


  • Data is encrypted and triple backed-up.
  • Photos are stored at full resolution with no compression.
  • Rights are transferable, content in your account does not terminate upon your death.

Want to set up a free, 2GB introductory FOREVER Storage® account?

† Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, meaning,
at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

*In Other Words…

collect: (verb) – bring or gather together (things, typically when scattered or widespread);
accumulate and store over a period of time; systematically seek and acquire (items of a particular kind) as a hobby

curate: (verb) – select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection)

celebrate: (verb) – acknowledge  or do something special for (a significant or happy day or event)

FOREVER Guarantee: (noun) – Content will be preserved, protected, and available for your lifetime plus 100 years, with a goal of keeping your content safe and available as you have determined for many generations beyond.