Welcome to Chaos Undone!

Productivity & Organizing Professional

serving in Salem & Keizer, Oregon

The goal of Chaos Undone is to
undo the chaos that undoes your life*
by offering solutionsthat bring
order, clarity, and direction
into the areas of your life and work
where chaos has you
overwhelmed, confused, and undone.

*In Other Words…

undo: (trans. verb) – 1) – cancel or reverse the effects or results of; 2) – cause the downfall or ruin of

chaos: (noun) – complete disorder and confusion

life: (noun) – the existence of an individual human being or animal; a way of living

solution: (noun) – a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation; products or services designed to meet a particular need

I can help you with solutions for managing your…


Do you want the paper clutter out of sight AND still be able to find a document when you need it?


Do you want to know how much money you have and where it gets spent?


Do you want your photos stored in a safe and dependable location, easy to access and share with others?

How I can help

Due to the never-ending amount of stuffentering your life, you need a method for managing* that stuff so it doesn’t overwhelm or bury you while at the same time facilitating* whatever necessary action without creating additional work or stress.


I have solutions for managing these three common areas.

Click on a link below for more details.

*In Other Words…

stuff: (noun) – a group or pile of things that are not specifically described (in this case: mail, email, messages, receipts, bills, assignments, photos, ideas, etc. ie: stuff!)

manage: (verb) – 1)to have control of; 2)to take care of and make decisions about

facilitate: (verb) – 1)to make easier; 2)to help run more smoothly and effectively

“The cost of chaos is eliminated when order defines the next move.”